Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am the light that resides within
That supreme being beyond beings
I am the peace amongst chaos
Towards every element I extend
A familiarity of oneness
I am the loath of a jealous unborn
And parent to the living
I am the destiny of time
Fulfillment of joy and longing of tears
I am
The fire in the sun and cool of the moon
I am the static in change
The finale of the beginning, I am
Creations words spoken artistically
And sometimes dangerously obscene
I am both sides of one coin
The water in the stream
The rock meandering distant dreams
I am philosophy history science technology
A whole in one piece
I am the twinkle in the stars
I am the lightening of angry clouds
The air in the breeze
The sound less in silence
I am
I am you and you me
I am ..... That!


  1. Excuse me mister, stop being so incredible OK. Get yo feet on the ground. ;)

  2. haha .... hows Vietnam? did you get my number