Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For the Crestfallen.

They say: "home is where the heart is", but what is home? Home is your abode- not just physically but also mentally and emotionally- it is your sanctuary. When one initiates a relationship with another, they begin constructing this home. They build walls of trust, lay tiles of faith, hang chandeliers of dreams and name the completed edifice love.

But when some sort of force majeure destroys this edifice the occupants have to start anew; because force majeure can't be compensated. Some crumble like bread crumbs and fade away in dark urban street corners- a slightly stronger person may become a backpacker because their geographical location and past failure has driven them to live like nomads- but the strongest of all are the patient ones who try to gather pieces of shattered tiles and chandeliers and sleep in the ruin of loves rubble- hoping to rebuild a home with new hands. These individuals are the essence of human divinity- that spirit that perhaps breathed life in to existence.

O patient one, I salute thee! and pray that you get the opportunity to build a double-bricked home next time, with tiles impervious to the elements.


  1. Sometimes the most meaningful and complicated things and said simply. You my friend found that simplicity in this piece.

    Saadgi mein hi khubsurti hai...

  2. The simplicity in the way you have expressed your thoughts and delivered your message is just amazing!

    Live it like you love it!

  3. You're all too kind. This was merely a fluke of the soul. :)

  4. Couldn't have been expressed in a better way than this.. Brilliant!!!!