Thursday, July 8, 2010

The melancholy of the inspired
Chased between the dramatic seeds
Planted within the ever eternal
A belief, of my temporary intellect
of what does knowledge comprise itself ?
Comparisons, competition, achievement
Of all that I learn only saddens me
As I laugh at such consequence
The I in me finds a center, to aid my escape
The magnanimous images of the self
Trained to mirror nothing but itself
Categorizing in forms and shapes
The formless infinite space
Ah! the game such ego plays,
A child like tantrum it so cant replace
In appeals of the little boy who resides
Within, as the apostle of himself
The I is saddened as well as me

So as the inspired we sit awaiting the fall
For yet another momentous speech
Yet another comparison
Another competition,
Where by I am the image
Of my own creation
I am a painting of my own illusion
Inspired yet again

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