Wednesday, April 27, 2011

….But What If?

The hunger of, often veils
Metaphors of imaginations trickle
A slow paced chaos
My heart beats as part of a drum circle
The dancing figures of unrest
Glide over in mysterious movements

A rather benevolent mind
Starts to play tricks of a circus joker
Somewhere there is a need
Of the soulless jester to lighten up
As I indulge in tantrums of thoughts
Through the my own hands
I nurture a new born idea into
A callous criminal, guiltless
With an appetite of a beast
That feeds over my consciousness
As I too feed off the angst; “thinking”
To sustain the cob wed
I build to be real

The hunger of, often veils
For every thought must be alive
Alive enough to affect
Alive as I make them
It is my own indulgence in the
Captivation show of misplaced reality
That shadows of relentless assumptions
Are strong as the scorching sun
It is I who gives them power
It is I who veils my own

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Friend Frenzy

I bestow unto you my dear friend
The frights and flights
Wonder why I couldn’t understand
The horrors of your insecure faith
Off the surface you calm son of a bitch
Find the depth in the powers of angst
We are one as you said; you recall?
I am me and you separate!

For long the jolts of your wit
Have sufficed my reason and action
Of the untrue, you sly wizard
I find you to be the crux of ugly snoot
Incongruous fallacies of imaginations
Scurrying a stampede of rampant thoughts
Of your cloaked fury of darkness

I have now the one who rest beside me
Of fantasies she makes my belief
The deeper I swim with her
I find your sneaky little tactics
Behind me
The one who rests besides me
Tells me a reality of a forever she sees
I bestow unto you my dear friend
A goodbye, so long you boastful snob
I hope to never see you again