Friday, October 29, 2010

Malik Riaz: A Pakistani Bullshit Artist.

After the footage of an interview featuring Malik Riaz went viral in early September 2010, a torrent of prayers and blessings followed his declaration in the said interview that the construction magnate would soon donate 75% of his $2 billion assets to the flood victims. 

Around the same time, the unedited footage of this interview was also posted on youtube by some one. The unedited footage seems to expose this charade better as a marketing ploy for the brand name that Malik Riaz himself has become in Pakistan.  There is one billionaire in Pakistan (according to and it isn't him); although he does only say "75% of his assets", which he hasn't donated yet by the by.

Some things to note about this UNEDITED FOOTAGE of his interview:

1) 4:32 - 6:14 : Malik Riaz is trying to sell a housing scheme with a place "where the animal is" that can provide for 80,000 people, in 10,000 homes from a 25 billion dollar investment. In the same time span he later adds that "we are in so good position that within 4000 dollar we can make the houses". When asked to guarantee transparency, Mr. Riaz exhibits a superb ad hominem fail.

2) 7:01 - 8:27: Mr. Riaz creates propaganda for himself when he claims to be a lone philanthropist (amongst the affluent circles of Pakistan) during the 2010 Pakistan Flood Relief effort. Maybe he hasn't heard of Edhi and the numerous citizens who have done more than just running their mouths during this calamity.

3) 8:30 onwards: Richard Quest hits a nerve, it seems, and Mr Riaz loses his calm around which point (there seems to be a gap in footage here) Mr. Quest politely ends this interview.

The truth it seems is that, Mr. Riaz himself is a prime example of the "corruption" in Pakistan that the west and we are weary of. An export of false hope to the destitute in this hour is what I would call morally degenerate behavior. He makes a mockery of their prayers and plans to rob them of any lingering "hope"; which already may or may not get them through this travesty.  After all, apparently, that's how he built Bahria Town. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Bunch of Questions

The lurking questions in the mind of a confused being could pertain to the all engulfing “feeling” or “emotions”. So to speak, we derive the experience of the “real” as reality and the demarcating fiction in an experience as a figment of imagination and the whole experience. One approach would well be to objectify experience, within which would feature feeling components such as real, reality, imagination etc. Although it might be an obvious solution to react to the stimulation of emotion, whether it would find us catharsis through “venting” stays relative.
Explaining “love” brings about the absurdity of emotions, of which perception of an experience as real as relativity is chosen as the all evasive reality. The feelings of pain, happiness, weakness etc. all lie in the parameters of our subjectivity. Although subjectivity might empower us with the tools of creative imagination it also limits us through the emotive state, as reactive beings. To give love I must feel reciprocation of it as per my subjective perception of how it must relay back to me. The true nature of the action is not what is under scrutiny it can be looked upon as just a set of rules my ego places as a filter for my perception.
How can I feel love when I don’t even know what it is? The reality of it is the figment of my imagination – of how I might want to perceive it, in unconscious comparisons to what makes my ego feel good? How can I know anger when I don’t know it true nature? It again is a set of rules put up by me to act in a certain way as an unconscious drive. Do we really ever learn or do we just modify our reactivity towards expression of emotion?
My identification of me through the narrative as “I” is my ego- I can only live as a whole being through no preconceived notions- without scripts.
Love and its absurdity challenges our imagination and scripts of our ego as its makes us face “doubt” for the first time towards our own human tendency; our imaginative divinity is questioned before us. Although most of us might trust the real through the paradigms of emotions – emotions rely on subjective experience – experience on egotistical comparisons – comparison on perceptions- perception on me- me on the “I” – the “I” on reality- reality on repetition and replication the “I” as chosen sate of reality.
Love is not an emotion it is an opportunity to learn to be free of oneself.

Friday, October 8, 2010

doubt, love and absurdness.

Do you think it is possible to love two people at the same time, even if the other that isn't present is (obviously) distant and perhaps, most likely, never attainable by the one that pursues the cognitively embellished and so-called "loved" being? 

In fact, what's love but a synonym to the ineffable? therefore if love is ineffable, then what is there but a subjective "idea" of love? if the ineffable cannot be universal then how is it real? If it isn't real, then why must it feel, real? 

If one may feel real, about what is not there, then what is there? If there is nothing "really" there then how am I here? So "absurde" this existence. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Truth in nature of itself
and choice,
breaths itself alive
A playful being
atoned to its own luster
with the discovery of
the forgotten past strikes
the balance of time
stains of the now
still remain his wonder

of affections
and moments irking the shrine of
which once existed; and once lost
found in memoirs of narratives
And time bygone
Such mystery of,
The disenchanted- eludes

The self infliction
in shadows of dependence
through worded emotions
expressing love, for the ideal state,
or weakness for
the idea of such powerlessness
Of togetherness; a wonder

As a being confused of its own nature;
The seeker and the seeking
In pride of its prodigious illusion
The colorful trails of his own wit
deceive him
His innocence is led astray