Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Truth in nature of itself
and choice,
breaths itself alive
A playful being
atoned to its own luster
with the discovery of
the forgotten past strikes
the balance of time
stains of the now
still remain his wonder

of affections
and moments irking the shrine of
which once existed; and once lost
found in memoirs of narratives
And time bygone
Such mystery of,
The disenchanted- eludes

The self infliction
in shadows of dependence
through worded emotions
expressing love, for the ideal state,
or weakness for
the idea of such powerlessness
Of togetherness; a wonder

As a being confused of its own nature;
The seeker and the seeking
In pride of its prodigious illusion
The colorful trails of his own wit
deceive him
His innocence is led astray

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