Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Conversations with myself

Thoughts and their consideration

Of the opinionated magician

Who sits within my lonely head

Calculating his only prayer

Not once! The calm he never finds

Off sympathy and quandary

He must survive

Careful considerations, within

To create another staggering night

Thoughts, thoughts and more

Occupy the empty space;

The lonely magician searching

Feeling, emoting, hoping, moping;

Calm that he never finds

“I am,

As is the theme

The creator of the mysterious

Of tricky variations,

The skillful orator

Smooth operator

I am” –

Of such images must he

Empower himself

With knowledge, distract himself

From justifications adapt

And thoughts react

In pride he searches

The calm he never finds

Attached to his soulless creation

Of the busy thoughtful mind

He finds himself lonely

Calculating his plight

Such is the melancholic victim

I his only friend

A prisoner by choice

Habitu├ęs is his nature;

A worrisome bloke

For nothing might he advice

But to keep in sight

The countless times


Into his stifled prison


Were he and his fright

To such knowledge justifies

The lonesome magician

His own in creation

Were ever his plight

As collections and creations

Reveals my self

As the enchanting wand

And the magicians archetype