Friday, May 13, 2011

Fuck Knows..

I try to write different styles
While all I have is mine
back to the class room to search
My forbidden childhood and
Miss Wonders notes
What do I see?
i am there sitting on the wooden seat
coloring a people red yellow and green
the sheet, and on that a star
its mom dad my sisters and me
purple hills and a meandering street
a sloping roof and a chimney
Miss Wonders note to silly me
Remark- good job
Imagination lends to you artistically
As I try to write different styles
Tap tap tap
Click click- delete
To take a walk in the thoughtful beneath
The garden once we hid in and seeked
It is a starry night and reasonably lonely
What is it that I find so incomplete?
Forty two degrees have left me
At a completely blank screen
Well, it must be one of those days
You know
when you feel
Maybe I should watch a movie…
Have a beer
Not hear my thoughts in a loud club
with a dancing stampede
And look for a good conversation
Over a some burning nicotine
While we try different styles
Arent we all looking for Miss Wonder
Hand in hand
Outside the house
with a meandering street
Colored red yellow purple
Fuck knows
We could be green!

1 comment:

  1. the writer here has in a very sophisticated manner aimed at beautifying the burden and chaos of life..wonderful piece of ingenious writing