Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lala Land

It mustve been a selfish spell
The way we ushered our beliefs
There must lie a note of thanks
You see
I find a bigger lesson as you teach
Together I must say
The demons of you and me
Surfaced crude realities
I am what I am as
I must what I must
What you have seen in me
the crazy angry beast, I
sometimes just as you have been
You see
Lets for once voice the underneath
In the cold night, figuratively
As I speak
The winter within me
Was the cold of you beside me
I must conceive
I were the troubled angry beast
Within your sight I seeked
Just you and me
Plain simple I and you, being
You see
Perfection to me was it
Whereas you and your moulds
Restricted not just me
Clearly, your perfection is you
And not in me
A little puppet I, if you please
Love there is
But I hate
the way you make me feel
I tell you
Not perfect are you
Not even in speech
The love is there
I just hate the feel
Some are in action and some beneath
You see
Your poison
kept you from screaming
but pain,
you inflicted inconspicuously
you see
I must be what I must
Youre no different
Only if
Within yourself you were to seek
Heres lala land
Abandoned – lonely

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